Teeth Whitening

Interested in a whiter smile? Many of our patients are able to achieve the look they’ve been wanting with any of the three whitening options we offer. They’re safe, quick, and in most cases, very effective.

what are my options?

Option 1: Custom trays with take-home gel (10% or 22% peroxide)

Upper and lower impressions will be taken so custom trays may be fabricated from your molds. You will then decide with the help of Dr. Wakasa or Dr. Carlsmith, depending on your circumstances, which strength of whitening gel you would like to take home. You will place the gel in your custom trays and wear them overnight (10%) or for 1-4 hours a day (22%) for a week or two based on your lightening goals.

Option 2: Opalescence Go (15% peroxide)

This kit comes with 10 pre-formed trays that have whitening gel in them. You would wear these for 1-4 hours.

Option 3: In-Office Opalescence Boost (40% peroxide) with optional custom trays add-on

This procedure requires an hour and a half long appointment. First, a gum protectant will be placed, followed by three 20 minute rounds of whitening gel. Over the week following your whitening procedure, your teeth will continue to lighten. 

Once your teeth reach the desired brightness, occasional treatment is needed to maintain your new smile. 

Considerations for Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter bleaching agents are also available for purchase at drug stores and pharmacies.